1967 Camero

67 Camero
67 Camero

The 1967 Camero was by far my favorite car. It had a 350 small block Chevy with a 4 barrel carb and a four speed manual transmission. I was in the Air Force when I bought it and spent just about every extra dime I had on it. I really enjoyed ‘tricking it out.’

When all was said. That car ended up with a Edelbrock Tarantula intake sucking air/fuel through a Holly double-pumper 800cfm carb, with eleven to one compression popup pistons breathing out through Hedman Headers.

The cam was your standard 3/4 race driven by a auto-advancing Stuart cam sprocket.

The fuel was ignited by twin Mallory racing coils timed via a dual coil racing distributor and fed through Accel ignition wires to Split-Tail Champion spark plugs. (yep, I called em girls)

Oil pressure was kept at 80 psi and fed by a high performance oil intake sucking oil from a 2 quart extended anti-splash oil pan. (Roughly 8 quarts of oil)

The transmission was replaced with a close-ratio Muncie with 3/4 ton solid side casing levers to prevent breakage from power shifting with the Hurst shifting system.

Posi-Traction rear end was fed by 4/11 Stuart Warner cogs to Gillette Sprint 60’s 11″ Road grade tires. Traction was held in place with Thrush traction bars glued to the rear from the front 70/30 drag shocks. Roll was nailed in place with the Hurst “Roll Control system.

The car got about 7-8 miles per gallon but back then, gas was well under a buck a gallon.

I did all that then, but now… I don’t even like to change my own oil. :)