Video Production

Video Production


JVC GYX2B Professional S-VHS Camcorder
JVC GYX2B Professional Camcorder

Video is almost taken for granted these days,with TV, movies, music videos and even YouTube.

But, have you considered adding it to your marketing tools? Today, you need to include video, for sales presentations and training tools for your products and services.

Consider adding video to your web site and they will work for you informing your customer about your products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And they never take lunch, breaks or vacations.

I created a video for my brother-in-law. We created a DVD from it and it is one of the top sellers of his business. He is a gunsmith and specializes in a particular cowboy gun, the Rossi 92 rifle. The Rossi 92 is a copy of the famous Winchester 1892 rifle which was one of the main rifles that John Wayne used in many of his movies. You may also remember Lucus McCain (the Rifleman) using one on the TV show outfitted with the “Big Loop” lever. We created a “How-to” video showing how to disassemble it for cleaning and to modify and/or repair. You can see the writeup for the video and kit on his site by clicking here.

The video was shot on S-VHS Pro in just one day with a single JVC GY-X2B 700 line 3 chip pro camera. (Actual camera shown above) Shooting with one camera meant we had to do a few retakes just to get a different camera angle and perspective. After he had left to go back to Texas, I discovered a few shaky and out of focus shots. So since I did not have a way to re-shoot those particular segments, they made it, woefully, into the final product.

Although I had originally planned to edit it all down using my linear edit suite, time required that I instead use Adobe Premiere Pro non-linear software to do the editing. Good choice! Non-linear video editing is now THE way to create videos. Although linear editing was fun in the past, there is simply no reason to do it now unless you are shooting live, for a live audience. Although I still have my linear editing suite for nostalgia purposes, I would only consider using non-linear techniques if I was to produce a serious video.

Speaking of nostalgia, You may want to read a little about my Analog Modular Synthesizer project.

He has created two versions of the video product. One is the video DVD only and the other is a kit where he gives you a new lighter cartridge ejector spring along with a magazine follower plug in conjunction with the DVD. Basically giving you all you need to improve your rifle in one nice package. Both those video packages literally fly off his shelves, and is;  by far, the best selling product he has.

So not only can video be used as a sales or support tool for your customers, but it can also become a product as well. So you see, using video can make a difference in your bottom line. You might want to simply get a copy of Camtasia from TechSmith and build training or product highlight videos. Then add different aspects as you get more comfortable with the ideas and processes. The sky is no longer a limit to your success.

Speaking of…I wish you all the happiness, joy and success in your life and the lives of those you come in contact with.