Aquarium Top-off tank Aeration

Aquarium Top-off tank Aeration

As everyone knows, if you let water just stand it, will become stagnant. (and stinky)  To prevent this, you need to stir it up occasionally. In the Aquarium Project top-off tank, I’m doing this by aerating it through air stones connected by tubing with my air pump.

To do this I drilled a one quarter inch hole in the tops of the top-off tank caps and thread some silicone air line tubing through. Then inserted  a piece of hard line into the tube and lightly hammered it down to wedge it into the cap. I then attached a one way check valve towards the top of the cap and an air stone to the bottom of the tubing. This check valve prevents water from flowing back into the airline and down into the pump when the pump is off.

I do have to confess something…I messed up!  I got in a too big of a hurry trying to complete this task, and ended up gluing one of the tanks together before I realized I hadn’t inserted the check valve in it. So…now I have one tank with the check valve in the air line outside the tank. It will still work, but just is not as cool looking.

Aeration Project Parts
Ready to build aeration for top-off tanks
Hole In Cap
Hole in cap – Notice the counter sink
Air Stone Attached to Air Line
Attach air stone to silicon air line
One Way Check Valve
One way check valve – Note the in and out ports
Valve and Air Stone
Assemble the one way check valve and air stone
Cut Piece of Hard Line
Cut piece of hard line to  about two inches or so
Air Line Tubing Inserted In Hole
Pull air line tubing through hole in cap
Pull Airline Through Hole
Pull airline out through the hole in the cap
Hard Line Inserted in Silicon Air Tube
Insert the prepared hard line in silicon air tube
Properly Inserted Hard Line
Properly inserted hard line – The tubing will seal the hole
Air Stone Attached
Air stone attached to the end of the air line
One Way Check Valve
One way check valve inserted in the line

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