Aquarium Master Valve

Aquarium Master Valve

Aquarium Master Valve Manifold
Aquarium Master Valve Manifold – Shown in the sterilizer bypass mode

I added a master valve system to bypass the UV sterilizer should something happened to it such as a broken inlet/outlet or cavity. In such a case, water would leak so I felt it was a worth while precaution. It would allow me to bypass it while it was being replaced.

When I built it, I also added another output to allow the pump to flow water to the protein skimmer. I wanted to put in another outlet on the manifold but ran out of room to do so.

Connections are  as follows:   (from bottom up)

  1. The main pump output flows to the bottom nipple. (Below the bottom valve, in front)
  2. Sterilizer input connects to the bottom valve.
  3. Bypass valve is the valve in the front of the manifold.
  4. Sterilizer output connects to the middle valve.
  5. Protein Skimmer input connects to the top valve.
  6. Tank return water connects to the top nipple. (Above the top valve, in front)

To bypass the sterilizer, you would open the bypass valve and shut off the sterilizer input and output valves as shown in the picture on left. To enable the sterilizer, you would open the sterilizer input and output valves and shut the bypass valve. Never turn on a UV sterilizer without water running through it. This would allow the bulb to get too hot and possibly burst. You would also not want to close all the valves which would put a load on the main pump causing it to heat up and possibly fail.

Valve Manifold Foam Mounting
Foam added to mounting straps to reduce noise for pump
Protein Skimmer Sludge Jar
Protein Skimmer Sludge Jar – Note: can also be used for White Lightnin

I added some foam (see picture on left) at the manifold strapping points to help reduce some of the pump noise from being coupled into the wooden stand. I also had to reroute the pump output hose (The clear hose in the above left picture) to come into the stand at a lower point to reduce stress in order for it to get to the bottom of the manifold, or the #1 connection in picture. I also had to move it back about two inches in order to clear the protein skimmer sludge jar that gets filled as the protein skimmer does its job.


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