Aquarium Main Pump

Aquarium Main Pump

Main Aquarium Pump
Main Aquarium Pump – View from rear of stand
Main Pump Shelf Enclosure
Main Pump Shelf Enclosure – View from inside front Screws on each side allow access from the front.

Here is the main pump for the aquarium. I created an enclosure at the bottom of the aquarium stand that semi-encloses the pump. I glued in some blue carpet pad for sound dreading. While it is still open from the back for air circulation, I’m hoping that it helps quiet the noise the pump makes. The noise isn’t really bad, but I figured with this incarnation of the aquarium, I would at least try to reduce the noise if at all possible. I know some of the sound will go out the back and reflect off the wall, but if there is any noise reduction, I will be grateful.

In the picture of the pump above, notice the hose clamp on the motor. This clamp holds a temperature sensor onto the motor frame so that the Arduino can monitor the temperature of the motor. Also notice the little round jar cap under the pump. It has a sponge with two electrodes imbedded in it that will trigger an event should the sponge get wet.


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