User Info:  I personally don’t collect any user information on these pages. If you comment on a page, then WordPress asks for and uses some info to get that job done. Same goes to the contact page.

My statement is, if you want privacy, then you better quit using the Internet. There is no real privacy here.

Email: I do want to say, that I do not like spam anymore than you do. If you get an email from me, then you probably sent an email to me, or we discussed something any I told you I would send you one. Sometimes spammers use other peoples or businesses domain name for their return address in their spam. Rest assured that it didn’t come from me if this happens. Like I said before: If you get an email from me, then you probably sent an email to me. I do not send people unsolicited email. I have no desire to. I have a post on Spammers if you would like to read more of what they do.

Also…I do not collect, sell, give away or share in any way anyone’s email address.

Cookies:  WordPress uses them to make the program work. I do not care anything about cookies except the kind you eat. So if this program uses them to make it work, then that’s pretty much is all I care about them. I do not do anything with them myself. I have way better things to do than worry about that kind of crap.

Ads:  I have ads on the site to help pay for the web hosting fees. Some of the ads save cookies to help them work better. As I said above, if I can eat the cookies, then I care about them. What WordPress and Google do with theirs, I could give a rats behind about.

Conclusion: If any of this stuff actually concerns you, again, you should get off the Internet. Because you can’t go anywhere in it anymore without some company way bigger than me using your info to track you.I can name a few like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others. That is who is really concerned with all your information. Why? Because they make money off of you and your Internet browsing habits. Now we learn that the Government is even in on all this with their NSA monitoring crap.

So the last word is: There’s nowhere you can go on the Internet without someone knowing.


Here’s a ditty that was said about social networks and Facebook in particular, same goes for Google, Microsoft and others:

“Social networking websites are “deliberately killing privacy” in order to make a profit.”

Speaking at the RSA Europe security conference in London in October of 2010, the BT Counterpane CTO cited Facebook as the most heinous example of social networks cashing in on users’ openness toward sharing personal details. “Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re Facebook’s customer, you’re not – you’re the product,” Schneier said. “Its customers are the advertisers.”

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So again I say, I don’t track anyone. Don’t have the inclination, time or gumption. Doesn’t make me any money either. I’m just too busy living my own life. All I care about you is that I wish you happiness, joy and success in all areas of your life.