New Vehicle For Ray

New Vehicle For Ray

1984 Pontiac Fiero
1984 Pontiac Fiero
Mazda MX-3
1993 Ford Taurus

I have had a normal sedan for quite some time. Before that, I had a sporty Mazda MX-3. And, before that I had a 1984 Silver Pontiac Fiero. but now I’m starting to feel that a small pickup with room to seat 5-6 people and a really short bed would be perfect for me now. The small bed would allow me to carry bushes and small trees for landscaping the house and stuff.

Of course, I don’t have a car payment with my 1993 Ford Taurus, but I am noticing it starting to deteriorate slowly before my eyes. So…in my mind, I keep thinking about replacing it with something else.


Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Honda Ridgeline
Subaru Baja

Interesting enough, I have been looking at several different vehicles lately and the Ford Explorer Sport Trac keeps coming back to my mind.

I began quite a few months ago, looking at the Subaru Baja. It’s a really cool truck, but although it’s a Subaru and Subaru really makes a lot of great vehicles, I just really don’t want another four cylinder vehicle again.

I’ve been looking at Subaru along with the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, the Honda Ridgeline and a couple of others lately. Although I really do like the Honda Ridgeline the best, but that Ford Explorer Sport Trac just keeps popping up in my mind.


Of course, at this time,  I really don’t want a car payment either… and insurance will go way up too…


I’m just thinkin…

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