Motorcycle Front Wheel

Motorcycle Front Wheel

Motorcycle Front Wheel
The Motorcycle’s Front Wheel It’s name is “Pulsar”
When I began looking for a front wheel for the bike, I had pretty much decided that I wanted a skinny 21 inch job, so that narrowed down the list of options quite a bit. I also knew that I wanted a billet wheel and not a wire wheel. This also narrowed down the list as well. Since I didn’t want any of the normal “chopper motif” such as flames, crosses, skulls and the like, that pretty much gave me a more manageable set of options. I also decided that I really didn’t want any sharp points that whittled the list down some more.

With a pretty defined list of options I began my search. I spent over a week looking at different wheels on eBay after work. I would sometimes spent the entire evening looking at eBay and would do web searches looking at all the different wheels out there. Man! There are a gazillion different wheels for motorcycles. And…my task was to just find one.

I finally decided on the “Pulsar” wheel I found on eBay. One of the things I really liked about it is that it sort of maintains the feel of a spoked wheel while still being a billet. It sort of gives tribute to the bikes of old while exuding today’s technology.

The “Pulsar” Front Wheel – Left side showing the disk rotor installed
Motorcycle Front Wheel
Motorcycle front wheel rolled up next to front end for visualization

Another great thing about this find it it also came with matching front and rear disk rotors along with a matching 66 tooth belt drive sprocket that sort of brings continuity to the whole bike and really looks good when looking in the solid chrome rear wheel and seeing their reflection.

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