Motorcycle Frame Arrives

Motorcycle Frame Arrives

Motorcycle Frame With Oil Tank. The oil tank is a Donnie Smith tank specifically made for the frame.
Motorcycle Frame Inverted
Motorcycle Frame Inverted
Notice the large hole.
Front of Frame – Notice the large hole in the tubing bend.
Frame with holes drilled
Rear of Frame with holes drilled. Notice the large hole where the tubing begins to bend.

One day I was minding my own business and a big truck came by my house and delivered a Donnie Smith Harley chopper motorcycle frame to my house. I sort of, vaguely, remember doing some research on eBay involving a chopper frame that looked very much like this one while sipping some wine or was it vodka. Who knows. Anyway, right now, I needed to find some room in the garage because the driver looked like he really wanted to have this thing off his truck.

So with the frame sitting inside my garage all safe and sound, I began the process of figuring out what to do with this dang thing.

I read in a book I was looking at in the Walmart book area, that you want to drill some small holes in the low parts of the tubing to allow drainage. Seems that water can get inside the frame tubing either through access holes, bolt holes or just condensate from the air that is in the tubing before it was sealed by its welds. So I took the drill to the frame in areas that I thought would be low areas after the bike was built. That is what the small holes in the picture are.

One of the things I thought would be cool was to run all my break lines through the frame, so I proceeded in drilling some holes to accommodate doing so. As I said in the main motorcycle project page, my friend that welds took one look at some of my extra holes in the tubing and just started laughing his head off. He said to me, “Ray, that’s a great way for you to find your ass sitting on the pavement.” He went on to tell me that where I put the holes for the brake tubing along with the size of the holes would weaken the frame and before long, would crack and break causing me to crash.

Since I really didn’t want to crash, I asked him if he could fix it. His reply was “Of course I can fix that. But don’t drill any more holes like that.” So he proceeded to add metal back to the holes with his mig/tig welder and it is now all better. He told me that where he filled in the hole was actually stronger.

Next up: The motorcycle’s front end.

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