Motorcycle Project

Motorcycle Project

DIY Motorcycle
DIY Motorcycle – Most of the parts came from eBay sellers.

One day, in September of 2003, I was discussing with my brother, Tom, about some of the mechanics of a project that he had just started playing with which involved a 1947 flatbed Ford truck.

We were talking about the days that I would hop up the ole 1957 Ford station wagon, and when I put a V8 in my sisters old 1962, Chevy Nova II after I blew the six that was originally in there. We talked about my 1967 Camero that you could eat off the chrome on the engine and how it would be kind of fun to have a little project like that, maybe on a smaller scale.

Just as he was leaving, he told me; sort of in a “Oh, by the way” manner; that I should watch the Discovery Channel for a program, that just happened to be on that night, called “American Choppers” about a family run motorcycle shop in up-state New York called “Orange County Choppers.” (OCC)

Bike looking from the rear

I watched the show, and thought to myself, “Self? You could do that.” A month later, After looking through eBays web site, I found a motorcycle frame mysteriously sitting in my garage. Now the whole bike has been purchased, piece by, sometimes unfitting piece, on eBay.

So… not knowing SQUAT about motorcycles, but armed with a grinder, drill and a friend that welds, it’s assembled as you see it for your viewing pleasure. Maybe someday I’ll get around to painting it.

Just to keep everything in prospective on this project…Pretty much all the motorcycle parts were bought off eBay with few exceptions. I bought the tires locally. I also got the drive belt and the brake lines locally as well. Other than odds and ends, the rest pretty much came from purchases off of eBay including the frame, forks, engine, tranny and the primary drive.

I can’t make the parts, as I don’t have any of that type of equipment. So…I figured that I could get pretty much anything I needed to build the motorcycle using parts found on eBay.

Sometimes the parts I get, fit. Sometimes they only fit if I modify them or something else. And sometimes they just don’t fit at all, and I end up reselling them back on eBay. I have to say, most of the stuff I’ve sold back on eBay, I made some sort of profit on, not a lot, but something. And…every little bit helps.

Maybe I should have titled this page “Do it yourself motorcycle,” or “DIY Motorcycle” or better yet, “DIY Bike.” I sometimes call it my “eBay Motorcycle” or my “eBay Bike.” I don’t know. I’m just glad I took some pictures along the way. Sort of helps when people don’t believe ya did it. I certainly wish I had taken more pictures of the Camero as I was building it.

Next up: The motorcycle frame arrives.

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