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Ham Radio Console Assembly

Here are some pictures of building the ham radio equipment console rack in the 2×2 configuration. Sorry, some of them may be a little out of focus.

I started by bolting the two 45 degree sections together, and then bolting them to two straight sections on either side. This formed the base which all other sections where mounted upon.

Here’s a view of two sections of the rack bolted together. They are on the south wall of the office. In the following pictures, I’ll bolt on other sections like these. Each rack unit is bolted to the next which makes the entire rack very stable and secure and electrically cohesive. (Very important!)

Here is a view with one section bolted to the corner section. It starts the wing on the west wall of the office. When all the bottom sections are secure, I will bolt other sections without the rectangular box unit upside down to the tops of these. The result gives the console a turret effect and makes viewing the equipment much easier.

Adding the Top Sections
  South Wall

Adding the Top Sections
West Wall

Filling in and testing a bit

Filling in and testing a bit more

Filling in a bit more

Keeps on going

Ham Equipment Section

South Wall Bottom Section

Ham Gear Section

Ham Gear Closer View

Video Section

More Picx

Notice the cool woodwork

New Console Setup

New Console Configuration

Mother Computer from Alien

Well…maybe not.