How to Delete a Flash Drive Partition

How to Delete a Flash Drive Partition

I broke down and bought a Raspberry Pi and was playing with it. I admit I’m not a Linux guy and never before had a Pi. So, you could say, that in just about all respects, I’m what you could say, a “newbie.”

Anyway, I bought My Pi and got a 16 GB SD card at the same time. I’ll save you the details but I finally got the “wheezy-raspbian.img” on it and got the little Pi running.  I admin I did some things you are just not supposed to do with it. Before you start thinking creepy stuff, I’ll just say, that it’s not a good idea to pull the power on a Linux, Mac or Windows box without going through some sort of shutdown procedure. The Pi is no exception. I have since plugged the power for the Pi into a battery backup unit I have fairly close by.

Well, there I was with a now non functioning Pi. Every time I tried to boot it, it would report errors galore. I decided to punt. I pulled the power plug, grabbed the SD card and made a bee-line to my PC. It’s a DELL laptop and has an SD card built into the side of the unit. However, a problem crept up when I first got the Pi as the Win32DiskImager program for some reason would not recognize it even though Windows Vista does. So I grabbed my handy SD to USB converter. The software recognized it as a valid drive so all was well.

I tried to delete the partition using Windows Disk Management in the Computer Management Console. Each time I tried to delete the partition, I would get a message that it couldn’t delete a partition in a removable device. I looked on the Internet and found several pages that said try this or try that.  I tried this and I tried that and each time I did I got a “can’t delete a partition in a removable device” message.

I finally ran Windows DISKPART utility. The first time I ran it, I tried to delete the partitions with the same result as before. However; the last time I ran it, I listed the drives on my PC by issuing the “LIST DISK” command and selected the correct disk and issued the “CLEAN” command. Once I did that, it pretty much gave me a blank SD card. YAY!

Here is basically the sequence:

    (# select the proper device number)
  4. CLEAN


After I got the blank SD card, I ran the Win32DiskImager.exe program again and put the “wheezy-raspbian.img” back on it. I checked the Disk Management tool to look at the partition it made and it looked like this:

Pi SD Card Partitions
Raspberry Pi SD Card Partitions

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