A Sample of Irrelevant Comments

A Sample of Irrelevant Comments

TV NoiseIrrelevant Comments are simply NOISE.

Irrelevant comments are usually posted by people or software to create a back-link to a web site to increase page rank for that site. Many times the comments have little or no relevancy to the page or site they are posted to. They are usually just generic dribble that could pertain to just about any topic. Below are some examples of some of these types of irrelevant comments.

The comments listed here are actual comments left expecting that they will be published and the result would be that coveted one-way back-link to the submitters web site. These comments do not expand the topic of the post nor engage the reader. In most cases, I believe, they are machine (script) generated because I get many of these exact same comment text from many different submitters over and over.

Here’s a partial list: (Actual comment posts I got for this site.)

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As you can see, all of these comments are not specific to a particular post can be about any topic .

They simply do not add a thing to the content and are nothing but noise.

Because of this, I will delete any comments of this type without further consideration.