I may have made a few changes since you were last here. I do tend to come sweep, dust and polish things every now and then. If for no other reason, but to just give me something to do.

Check out the above menu as you may be interested in some of the stuff there like the Ham Radio, Motorcycle or Aquarium stuff.

I’ve pretty much shut down the video production stuff as the last time I tried to do some, my recorders left me in a lurch. One wouldn’t load tape and the other had a weird line that looked like a spit playback head. I’ll leave the page up for awhile for archival purposes though. I’ve done both linear and nonlinear editing and although I love the linear equipment and the fun of tape handling, I really love the ease and speed of nonlinear and it would be my pick from here on out. Doing video was a blast and I will always have fond memories of doing them. I still have my linear edit suite and if the recorders worked correctly, it would be 100% functional.

The Radio Astronomy / SETI project pretty much sits in a few boxes scattered around different parts of the house. However; I still have the page up so you can read about the little project if you want.

    Some of you may know that I have moved most of my DVD collection to my network and now they are spinning on a three terabyte drive. The physical DVDs are all nice and safe in some boxes in my guest bedroom along with my CDs which are spinning in another two terabyte drive along with a bunch of my pictures which I have scanned. How did you do that? several people have asked. what software did I use? To answer these questions, I used a software product called WinX DVD Ripper (here’s the link) by Digiarty Software. This little program does everything I needed to get my DVDs onto my hard drive. So I know if you are wanting to do it too, then this little baby will more than serve you well. I just bought the new version that they say is much more stable than the original one I used. I’ll use it when I begin to fill in my “Sea Hunt” collection soon. Which, by the way, Amazon has some new ones coming out that are available. Just in case you’re interested, here’s they’re link: here’s the link to Amazon’s Sea Hunt listing. I have some pictures somewhere of the network project. and if I find them soon, I’ll put them up.
    I finally moved rayz.com from the old ASP pages to WordPress. It’s just far easier to maintain than the old way. Now with WordPress, if I want to update my pages and I’m not at home or on my laptop, I can update my pages anywhere I can get to the page without having to write HTML and upload files to the server. I considered using C# in dot net. I even considered Dot Net Nuke, but WordPress just seemed easier and hey, the PHP framework is already programmed and all I have to do is load it and set it up. There’s a ton of free plugins and stuff for it too. Plug-N-Play. YAY! Ya know? As I get a little older, I really like EZ.
    Sometime back, I successfully set up my Sister’s and Brother’s on-line shopping carts. I used Zen-Cart for both and found that it can do about 98% of anything they wanted it to do. ZenCart’s shopping cart is really not as easy to set up as ZenCart would like you to think, but with a bit of tweaking,  I was able to make it bow to both my brother’s and sister’s needs.

    • It all started with my brother-in-law and sister’s gunsmithing web store. (StevesGunz) It took a bit since I had never seen ZenCart, but after a little while, I got it up and running and they have been pretty happy with the results ever since. My sister manages the store and he does the gun stuff.
    • A couple of years later, I got my brother and sister-in-law’s handmade artistic jewelry web store up and running. (FirenzaBeads). My Brother manages the store and makes some of the silver pieces, and his wife makes the beads.

      ADDENDUM: My Brother and Sister-in-law have decided with her illness, she does not have the time to make inventory for both the shows and keep up with the website store. So they have asked me to downsize the FirenzaBeads.com store front. I have done so by changing it from ZenCart to WordPress. They are thinking about maybe selling a few items from the store or on their Etsy site, but for now it’s mostly just a place to see which shows they are going to using an events calendar plugin.

And…”…the hits just keep on coming…”

Feel free to browse around.   Learn a little more about me and who I am, and what I’m about.